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Digitalisation is vital for an organisation to stay on top of their success. Constantly innovating to not lose their customer and to understand how digitalisation affects business and daily live are the big challenges of today.

When humour meets business, then difficult and complex content gets more digestible for everyone!

This Keynote Show offers you an overview of future and technological trends.

Siscy Blu is a women speaker, who has devoted herself to the highly topical themes "Trends of the Future" and "Digital Transformation" for her Keynote Show.

Learn how to anticipate and react to digital disruption

  • get known to Blockchain, AI, Robotics and Human Enhancement.
  • be inspired by digital transformation and inspire others.
  • meet the trends of the future with humor.

Why you should book Christine Astor

    • She spent 19 years at R&D department at BMW.
    • 5 years experience of trendhunting in the innovation.
    • Christine has a natural-born talent for acting with a empowering stage presence.



Professionals and viewers are thrilled:

"Christine presented her program 'Future now' during Partner Tech Conference 2018 in Hamburg. Topics like VR, AI, Big Data and Robotics were told in a story. The presentation was interesting, funny and extremely entertaining."
Dirk Schwindling, CEO TCPOS Group

"Great entertainment with plenty of food for thought that we continued to chew on at home. Thank you very much!
Prof. Dr. Werner Klaffke CEO HDT Berlin  House of Technnology

“Christine Astor, in her show Future Now, was a highlight at our conference. She conveyed interesting content as well as the complexity of digitisation in a very entertaining, appealing and humorous way!” Denis Christesen, CEO Partner Tech Europe GmbH

"Again Christine Astor has succeeded in making a litter, which sets a new trend. She skillfully combines the latest technological developments with an actor's talent, stage presence and wit." Omar El Azouzi, CEO Billsys Gmbh

Book Christine Astor now because the future is already here!

Digital transformation and innovation are about to revolutionize our lives.

The show has a modular structure and can be easily adapted to your event according to your needs!

In parallel Christine Astor can moderate your event and your panel discussion.

She worked together with Germany's leading trend agencies and future researchers. The result?
A superlative event program full of surprises “Future Now".

 A must for your future-oriented event!

 Inspire your guests with a motivational speaker and keynote about disruptive digitisation.

Your guests will be bowled over by the interesting humorous content of this show.

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